Center for Security DTU

DTU has Denmark's largest interdisciplinary environment for research, teaching and development within defense and security technology. The activities in the area are coordinated by Center for Security DTU.


Center for Security DTU supports all security related research, development and technology at the Technical University of Denmark. The center was established in 2017 funded by DTU and the Thomas B. Thrige Foundation and facilitates all departments at the university. The center is point-of-contact between DTU, industry and government agencies including defense, police, homeland security, customs, etc. The center offers high-tech collaborations, projects and funding applications, consulting, education and courses, student and PhD projects.

Security DTU has collaborations with the Danish Defence Acquisition & Logistics Organisation and leading companies such as Terma, Weibel Scientific, Lockheed Martin, Thales and Airbus. We have numerous student projects with government agencies and industry, as well as Lockheed internships.

DTU is a partner in the National Defense Technology Center NFC together with the other Danish universities and the five Approved Technological Service Institutes, GTS. NFC was formed in 2023 and the purpose of the center is to strengthen cooperation with industry and the Danish Defense and to utilize Denmark's positions of strength in areas such as space, quantum, cyber security, AI, green fuels, autonomous systems, materials and many other technologies.

DTU's Executive Vice President Rasmus Larsen is chairman of the steering group for both Security DTU and NFC, whereas the NFC secretariat is located at Aalborg University.

Defence and Security Technology

Danish positions of strength in research and industry

Cyber security

DTU Compute has extensive research in cyber security and applications of artificial intelligence, AI, for security purposes. In 2022, NATO located a quantum research centre at University of Copenhagen and placed a quantum technology test center at DTU for development and manufacturing of quantum technological solutions. The center must among other things, develop quantum sensors and ultra-fast quantum encryption devices that can prevent hacking.

Satellite technology and Earth Surveillance

In the area of space technology, DTU Space is the largest university institute in Europe and the university institute in the world that has built instruments for most space missions. DTU Space has the competence within advanced satellite and drone systems for surveillance, which can strengthen the Danish defense for asserting sovereignty and monitoring military activities (e.g. in the Arctic), electronic intelligence (interception of communications) as well as reliable navigation even when the GPS is jammed.

Other Security Technologies

Center for Security DTU supports all security related research and development at the Technical University of Denmark.  The technologies are described on the homepages of the individual institutes and departments:

Strengthened research and education

In recent years DTU has strengthened research and education of engineers in artificial intelligence, cyber technology, secure communication and quantum communication, which are central technologies in technological solutions to protect sensitive personal information and secure communication.


Center for Security DTU has collaboration agreements with the Danish Defence, Terma and Lockheed Martin.


We are members of DI, FAD, CenSec. DTU collaborates in a number of projects with Danish and international companies.

PhD and Postdoc programs

DTU have several industrial PhD programs funded in part by the Innovation Fund Denmark, Horizon Europe, FMI co-finanse projects, and other funds. DTU supports by world class supervisors, laboratories and education. Candidates are selected by the companies which also keep IP rights. The programs have good potential for development of new technologies.

Student projects

Companies can add suggestions to the DTU student project bank – a good starting point for recruitment. We can also provide expert co-supervisors.

Lockheed Martin Internship Programme every spring

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