Center for Security DTU

DTU has Denmark's largest interdisciplinary environment for research, teaching and development within defense and security technology. The activities in the area are coordinated by Center for Security DTU.


Center for Security DTU supports all security related research, development and technology at the Technical University of Denmark. The center was established in 2017 funded by DTU and the Thomas B. Thrige Foundation and facilitates all departments at the university. The center is point-of-contact between DTU, industry and government agencies including defense, police, homeland security, customs, etc. The center offers high-tech collaborations, projects and funding applications, consulting, education and courses, student and PhD projects.

Security DTU has collaborations with the Danish Defence Acquisition & Logistics Organisation and leading companies such as Terma, Weibel Scientific, Lockheed Martin, Thales and Airbus. We have numerous student projects with government agencies and industry, as well as Lockheed internships.

DTU is a partner in the National Defense Technology Center NFC together with the other Danish universities and the five Approved Technological Service Institutes, GTS. NFC was formed in 2023 and the purpose of the center is to strengthen cooperation with industry and the Danish Defense and to utilize Denmark's positions of strength in areas such as space, quantum, cyber security, AI, green fuels, autonomous systems, materials and many other technologies.

DTU's Executive Vice President Rasmus Larsen is chairman of the steering group for both Security DTU and NFC, whereas the NFC secretariat is located at Aalborg University.

Defence and Security Technology

Danish positions of strength in research and industry

Security DTU provides contacts to DTU's 6.500 employees and 14.000 engineering students on security technologies, including:

  • Surveillance of the Arctic, maritime, critical infrastructures, etc.
  • Space technologies, satellites, Earth observation, communication
  • Radars, sonars, cameras, GPS, AIS, ESM, biotech, materials, etc.
  • Cyber, cryptography, machine learning, AI
  • Autonomous Systems and drones
  • Quantum technologies 

Collaboration agreements

Center for Security DTU has collaboration agreements with the Danish Defence, Terma and Lockheed Martin.

  • Danish Defense Intelligence Agency (FE)
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Danish Acquisition & Logistics Organisation (FMI)
  • Terma (see Lockheed internships)
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Security DTU also has several postdocs and PhDs doing active research in (see publications):

  • Dark Ships and illicit activities
  • Surveillance of the Arctic, maritime, and critical infrastructures
  • Space Situational Awareness (EDF project Integral)
  • AI onboard satellites (Bifrost project)
  • AI for detection, classification and identification
  • Seabed fiber optical acoustic sensing


Do you want to know more about DTU's research in defense and security technology?

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Head of Security DTU
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National Space Institute

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Lead Project Coordinator
Security DTU, National Space Institute

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